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Make qualitative research a breeze.

As a researcher, your job is to collect stories from real people to find actionable insights. However, instead you often find yourself spending more time on logistics than actually doing research. That sucks, right?

Dovetail helps you with the key steps of research: designing your study, collecting data, analyzing results, and sharing what you’ve learned.


Loved by over 200 organisations

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Our customers use Dovetail for a variety of things. What will you use it for?

Run diary studies

Use Dovetail to learn about people’s habits, culture, feelings, behaviours, and more.

Get customer feedback

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see how they experience your product or service.

Conduct market research

Learn more about your target market for a potential new product or service.

Track employee satisfaction

Check in regularly with employees and give them a way to provide suggestions and feedback.

Log your team stand-up

Receive an SMS every weekday morning and reply with your stand-up message.

Keep a travel diary

Send yourself email prompts to fill out your travel diary and simply reply with your entry!