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How much does Dovetail cost?

Our pricing plans are based on the number of concurrent ‘active’ participants your team wants to use in studies. An ‘active’ participant is someone who’s in a running study and who is not paused. This means finished studies don’t count.

All plans have unlimited studies, questions, answers, teammates, and access to all features (including SMS and email), and all plans are billed monthly.

We have a free plan with a limit of 3 active participants so you can try out the product with no time constraint. We also have the following paid plans:


$49.00 USD / month for 10 active participants ($4.90 per participant).


$99.00 USD / month for 25 active participants ($3.96 per participant).


$299.00 USD / month for 200 active participants ($1.50 per participant).

If you need more than 200 active participants then please get in touch with us and we’ll set up a custom plan for you and your team.