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How it works

With Dovetail, you send email or SMS questions to people on an automatic schedule. They answer your questions by simply replying to each message directly. Answers are aggregated in Dovetail, ready for you to analyze. It’s totally a badass, automated qualitative research machine that will save you time (and money!)


1. Design your SMS or email study and set the frequency of questions.


2. Collect real life, in-the-moment stories from participants.


3. Analyze your data, derive insights, and centralize it in one place.


4. Lastly, share a summary of what you learned with your team.

Product tour

Feature overlay 1 Feature 1

Automatically send questions

Schedule recurring questions to be sent automatically via SMS or email.

People’s answers are connected with each unique question, ready for analysis.

Feature overlay 2 Feature 2

Analyze answers

Easy to use analysis tools help you filter, tag, and sort answers.

If you’d rather analyze your data elsewhere, simply download it whenever you like.

Feature overlay 3 Feature 3

Collect photos

See how real people experience products, services, and everyday life.

Just ask your participants to reply with an attached photograph via email and it’ll appear with their answer.

Feature overlay 4 Feature 4

Summarise insights as you go

Keep notes of what you learn in the same place as your raw data. Highlight interesting themes that emerge during analysis by creating insights for your study.

Feature overlay 5 Feature 5

Share in one click

When you’re ready to share your findings with your team or stakeholders, just click a button and send the link, or send them an invite.

Feature overlay 6 Feature 6

Include the whole team

Teams make it super easy to collaborate on research, analyze results together, and share knowledge around your organisation.

The glorious feature matrix

Look, this wouldn’t be a SaaS product if we didn’t list all of our features in some sort of neat grid.

Run a diary study using SMS messaging or email

Automatically send questions on a schedule

Analyze data with colored tags and grouping

Highlight interesting answers with stars

Receive photographs from participants to get the bigger picture

Capture and share research insights in a single place

Collaborate with researchers across your organization

Export responses and participant details to a .CSV file

Set participant time zones to run your research around the world

Track the progress of your study on the go with mobile support

Study data is stored securely using SSL encryption

You’re in control; pause and resume your study at any time

Edit participants’ answers to clean them up or merge during analysis

Preview your question emails before they’re sent to nail the wording

Quickly log in to Dovetail using your existing Google account

Fantastic customer support that gets back to you immediately